The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi

  Created by Sal Corrente

Sal Corrente, is an author and father of two beautiful girls.
Writing has always been his passion, creating characters and worlds for people to escape from reality, if only for a moment.
The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi, has been a labor of love, the idea of the story realized in 2002, watching his daughter at the beach, digging in the sand. He looked at her, smiling, commenting on how it would make a cute story, and is.
Born, raised and graduating from White Plains High School, in New York, Sal now makes his home in Orange County, NY.
Sal writes children's fiction, as well as adult fiction. Keep on the lookout for updates about arriving fiction for older readers.
As Sal always says, stories provide the escape from the real world, because after all, reality is over-rated.

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